Tips on What to Do Before Buying a Home Security System

Getting a home security system isn’t a decision you should rush in. After all, there are many factors to consider before you decide which alarm system works for you, and many home security companies in the market to choose from. In order to make the right choice, you could take into account some of the following:

  • Security Needs – Often, homeowners go for a one-size-fits-all solution which is impractical considering every house is different. Make a list of all the areas you’d like covered by sensors, especially the number of doors and windows. If you own pets, you might also want to prioritize companies that offer “pet-friendly” alarm systems over other companies.

  • Licensed Company – Select a company that is licensed by the state to make sure that it offers quality equipment and services. Remember though, not all states have the same licensing rules, for example, alarm system companies in Chicago have to get licensed by the IDFPR (Division of Professional Regulation) instead.

  • Additional Services – Home security companies could offer extra components and services if you go for a particular package. For example, you may be able to get video surveillance equipment or wireless sensors with your system. You should also ask about monitoring services, whether they are optional and whether the monitoring team has also gone through a background check.

  • Customer Service – Ask previous or current customers of the company whether they are satisfied with the customer service that came with their package.

  • Other Dangers – Home intrusion isn’t the only thing families should worry about. In Utah, for example, every citizen is recommended to get a smoke detector in case of home fires. There are also sensors available which help in case of other potentially harmful events, such as flooding in the basement or carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • False Alarms – Every city has its own fee structure regarding false alarms, which are a huge waste of police resource, every year. In Houston, for example, you may not be charged for the first five false alarms, but after that every subsequent false alarm will be charged $50. However, certain fees may be waived if you attend alarm awareness classes, such as those offered by the Cincinnati Law Department.

  • Permit Rules – Usually getting a permit means that you could get lower false alarm charges, but in some cities, such as Dallas, the police department might not even respond to your alarm notification if you don’t have a permit. Consult your local police department to find out if a permit is needed and how to attain one.

All major cities have a variety of security companies to choose from. For example, home security companies in Houston sell a variety of home security systems Houston. There are 768 home security companies in Chicago, selling home security systems Chicago. There are 232 companies in Cincinnati alone, selling home security systems Cincinnati. 148 home security companies in Salt Lake City alone sell home security systems Utah, while 956 security companies in Dallas sell alarm systems Dallas.  

Finally, remember to stick to your budget when buying a home security system. Getting an expensive package isn’t as important as getting an effective means of security that will keep your family safe from harm.

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